Welcome to the Ark, long-standing Japanese Kyudo and Iaido school, founded in 1981 and directed since then by Mr. Placido Procesi.

The ARK was officially established and registered in May 1981.
The founder Mr. Placido Procesi, President of the Academy until his death, in 2005, boasted an outstanding cultural background thanks to the teachings from the Masters from the Eastern, Tibetan, Chinese and Japanese World. In particular, the Master Salvatore Mergè first taught Dottor Procesi, in his early twentys, traditional Japanese Bushido techniques and spirituality.

In 1975, some friends who shared Mr, Procesi’s Traditional Knighthood ideals, gathered around him laying the groundwork for the establishment of the ARK. They started practicing Kendo, and subsequently Iaido, together with the friend Hideo Kobayashi.

In February 1979, during the first significant KYUDO event in Rome, the archery master Junichi Yamamoto died, Mr. Procesi assisted him until the very end acting as his doctor.

This event, although sorrowful, marked the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with the Japanese Masters and determined the origin of what would become the ARK.